Recently it has been discovered that Black Larks, living on the Eurasian steppes in Kazakhstan, transport dung to their nests to build large 'pavements' . Weird and almost dirty behaviour, but what is the use of it? This spring a team of researchers from the Universities of Wageningen and Münster and the Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity in Kazakhstan (ACBK) will try to answer this question, doing fieldwork in the Korgalzhyn area in Kazakhstan. On this blog we will post on our findings and adventures.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Upcoming presentations

As stated earlier we will give talks on our findings on the Annual Conference of the Deutsche Ornithologen Gesellschaft in Regensburg, Germany on Sunday 6 October (in Englisch). On the 30th of November we will give a talk on the Annual Day of Sovon in Ede, The Netherlands (in Dutch). For a short introduction to the topic, please visit the site of Sovon and of course have a look at other presentations as well.

For the presentation in Sovon we made a short teaser as well. It is in Dutch, but it will give some impression on how it was in the field (don't forget to put it on HD-quality):


  1. Thank you for a great story. It was very interesting to read. I hope research will continue.

  2. Privjet Vladimir,

    Thanks for your interest in our research! We are currently working on two manuscripts concerning the research on Black Larks, we'll keep you posted.